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Vroom, an open source smartphone VR platform

Entering the rapidly expanding mobile VR market, selling controllers for mobile VR application development.

~ Supporting the regeneration of games with remaking and porting for secondary markets! ~

The market for mobile VR enjoyed with a smartphone and controller is expanding rapidly. The mobile VR marketplace is growing with GearVR (Samsung), which has sold over 5 million units and makes up 70% of the VR device share, Google's Daydream View that was released last year, Chinese Mi VR (Xiaomi), and HuaweiVR systems. Wonder League Corp (Tokyo/CEO Kitamura Katsutoshi) is entering this expanding mobile VR market with a project aimed at game companies, application vendors and unity engineers.

Market Background and Problems

New mobile VR platforms are being born around the world thanks to smartphone manufacturers, but this manufacturer-led system has created a serious shortage of high quality games. Each platform uses a different SDK, meaning that it is difficult for developers to create games for each platform - contributing to a software shortage.

Need for a secondary market and recreate versions

We will offer a way to port existing 3D games for the growing global controller compatible mobile VR game marketplace. We will also offer a way to recreate Japan's famous games for mobile VR. The mobile VR marketplace is currently suffering from a lack of high quality contents, which disappoints users.
Being a paid game application market, monetization is easy, and the large number of light games means that there will be great interest in remade Japanese 3D games, that are of high quality and have name value. Additionally, we plan to not only offer development tools, but can also cater to your needs fully, by taking care of the redevelopment, application process, and offer customer support in English and Chinese.

Product and Services

Wonder League was the first in the world to develop a tool that fills the gaps between each platform's development environments to effectively produce games. With our product, it becomes possible to create game applications without worrying about OS, device or SDK differences. We offer features for connecting an external controller and the smartphone application.

Items to be sold

Mobile VR Game Porting / Vroom Development Kit

Mobile VR Game Porting / Vroom Development Kit - 2 Types of Software (1) Vroom Integrated SDK
(2) Vroom Controller SDK - 1 motion controller for development


Vroom Feature Explanation

(1) Features of the Vroom Integrated SDK 1-1 New development / Recreation needs = By developing games with Vroom and Unity, you can create for all mobile VR platforms. 1-2 Porting needs = Makes it possible to port / recreate 3D games made with Unity or non-controller compatible VR games into VR games that can be enjoyed with a controller.



- (For purchase) Price: 380,000 JPY *SDK will be updated when required
- (For business co-venture) A 50% share of profits * Development tools will be provided free of charge, and market statistics/application proxy and customer support can also be provided by us on your behalf.


- Unity Engineers
- Game Development Companies
- Application Developers
- Game License Holders

(2) World-First! A VR motion controller for iPhone will be commercialized. We are looking for partners such as toy manufacturers to work with us.

Consumer Products

Game App

Train Fight (Temporary name) Currently under development

Experience VR action with a recreation of a thrilling spy movie train fight on the roof of a train! Show the bad guy who’s boss with your controller! Can you stop the runaway train!? Special agents are coming to stop you! With your special skills you will dodge enemy fire and turn their attacks against them to take them down! It’s up to you to awaken your abilities! Complete Agent Missions and compete with other players on the leaderboard.

Vision & Technology

Smartphone + Smile

We aim to expand globally as a technology pioneer anticipating the growth of smartphone VR/AR in the near future.


Markets expand through popularization

As the Google Daydream gains traction in the smartphone VR market, a new VR content marketplace will develop. This means that VR will move from being high end to being popular with casual users as well.

Lower performance at an affordable price

Moving from high performance at a high price, to lower performance at an affordable price

This is similar to the evolution of the Japanese mobile internet system iMode fifteen years ago.

Smartphones VR

Adding features to smartphones

Using a VR viewer or controller in conjunction with a smartphone offers a new experience for the user. This is not just possible with VR, but also with AR and MR.
For this to work as seamlessly as possible, it is necessary to have consistent technical capabilities in both hardware and software, firmware and device drivers, client applications, which are the cornerstone of the experience, and the main servers. We are working to develop a well rounded service that offers a seamless experience.

About US

Wonder League Inc.

・Shinjuku Sumitomi Building 25F Startup Base Camp 2-6-1 Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku

・Capital:127 Million Yen(92 Million Yen in preparation capital)

・Established:June 2004

・CEO Katsutoshi Kitamura(Wikipedia)

・Unaffiliated Direction Ryuichi Nishida


Katsutoshi Kitamura

Adways Inc

Cyber Agent Ventures Inc

B Dash Ventures Inc

Japan Asia Investment Co, Ltd

D2C R Inc

Bellrock Media Japan, Inc


Adding extra value to the mobile era

Team KITAMURA is an engineer network that external experts participate in. The network is continuing the development of devices that can add features to existing mobile devices. Team KITAMURA takes advantage of its planning based on current trends, technological strength in both hardware and software, and deep knowledge with regard to smartphones.

2003 Feature phone + sales promotion

UID Inc (Subsidiary of Toshiba)
Development and sales of a device that performs a set action, such as opening a specific website, when plugged into a feature phone.

2010 Smartphone + O2O

At Butterfly Inc, a system was developed to allow customers smartphones to receive frequencies emitted at phone stores and automatically check in to appointments.

2012 Smartphone + SNS

At Wonder League Inc, research and development of an attachment type message notification system was carried out, creating a device that alerts a user of LINE and Facebook messages through light.

2013 Smartphone + Siri

At Wonder League Inc, a device that allows a user to chat with Siri and automatically navigate a lunch shop was developed. (Patented)

2016 Smartphone + App

At Wonder League Inc, a wired motion controller that externally controls a smartphone application is under development

2016 Smartphone + VR

At Wonder League Inc, a BLE type motion controller that allows for smartphone VR is under development.

2017 Smartphone + AR (Planned)

Planned future efforts

2020 Smartphone + MR (Planned)

Planned future efforts


Unity Engineer

・Smartphone VR application development
・SDK and asset planning, development
・Community management (Helping to promote the system)

Global Communication

・Must have English skills
・Community Manager

Please send an email to the specified address with your reason for application and preferred job. We will respond with further instructions. Please be aware that it may take over a week for us to respond.

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